Chardonnay Umbria I.G.T.

Grape variety

100% Chardonnay

Bottles produced

2000 (750 ml)

Yield per hectare

60 hl/ha

Cask aging

stainless steel tanks 5 months

Bottle ageing

1-2 months

Characteristics of wine


This wine comes from 100% chardonnay grapes coming from our beautiful hills. Worked in cold with light maceration, mature in steel, where maintains the characteristics of tropical fruits.

Characteristics of wine

Organoleptic characteristics

The bouquet is delicate with fruity notes.
The taste is soft and harmonic.

Characteristics of wine

Serving temperature and food pairing

Served with 10 – 12 ° it is excellent as aperitif, indicated for starters, legumes and cereals, fish based dishes, frying or fresh cheeses.